Founded in 2019 by Matt Leach, an expert in military, police and civilian self defence, its sole purpose is to deliver ESCAPE Training to young adults in schools throughout the UK.

ESCAPE Training is designed to maximise the chances of successful escape from specific life-threatening situations, whilst minimising the risk of injury during training.

We believe that appropriate training, combined with a commitment from schools to deliver it, can significantly reduce the number of people suffering life-changing or even life-ending experiences from violent attacks, in teenage-hood as as well as their future adult life.

  • ESCAPE Training focuses on the crisis point only instead of the various ways the victim got into the situation, thus reducing time needed to train an effective and efficient escape

  •  ESCAPE Training reduces, if not eliminates time spent "frozen" when faced with  a threat, through repeated drills of the technique so that it becomes a 'flinch' response

  • ESCAPE Training can easily be incorporated into PE lessons

  • ESCAPE Training techniques are different from traditional self defence techniques and have been developed to be safe to teach to children 

  • ESCAPE Training empowers teachers to teach children, enabling delivery to all young adults nationwide in a short amount of time

  • ESCAPE Training is a non-for-profit organisation with a goal to empower future generations, provide young adults with essential life skills and save lives. 

"We could teach a thousand students how to escape from danger, or we can teach a thousand schools to teach a generation how to escape from danger."